House not selling ? (10 reasons house not selling)

If your house is not selling there could be some reasons for that.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to put their property up for sale on the market, leave it for six months, and not receive a single offer.

If you’ve put your house on the market and it doesn’t seem to want to sell, check out the following reasons why not.

Wrong Estate Agent

When it comes to selling a home, choosing the right estate agent is imperative.

Estate agents come with different expertise.

Some agents are excellent when it comes to selling flats, but not so good if you’re trying to sell a country home. Others excel in commercial property.

Take a look at the estate agent’s website and current portfolio to see the type of properties that they sell.

If your house stands, then it could be a sign that you need to pick a different agent.

Quality estate agents tend to operate on a no-sale-no-fee basis.

In short, if they don’t sell your property, you don’t get charged any money.

But some will ask for fees up front.

Asking for fees up front might seem reasonable, but it changes the incentives: is an estate agent going to be as keen to sell your house if they’ve already been paid?

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Messy Property

Clutter and mess can put buyers off, especially if the type of people who would be interested in your property like cleanliness.

If you have a lot of mess or clutter in your home and you don’t want to throw it out or sell it, then consider renting out a storage unit.

Self-storage allows you to quickly and safely remove all of the clutter in your home, keep it in a secure place, and then retrieve it later once you’ve sold or moved.

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Selling At The Wrong Price

The market won’t support the sale of your home at a higher price than it’s worth unless you happen to get lucky and a particular buyer falls in love with it.

When selecting a price for your home, check out the other properties in your area within 10 per cent of your asking price.

  • Are they of similar quality?
  • Or do they offer more space and features?

It could be that your property isn’t selling because you’re asking for too much money.

Check out our guide to probate properties.

If you discover that other similarly-priced properties are better than yours, consider lowering the price.

Or do they offer more space and features?

It could be that your property isn’t selling because you’re asking for too much money.

If you discover that other similarly-priced properties are better than yours, consider lowering the price.

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Poor Photography

Poor photography can have a profound impact on whether your property sells or not.

Bad angles and lighting underwhelm buyers and make your home look less attractive than it is.

Ideally, the estate agent should supply a professional photographer who can showcase your home at its best.

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No Estate Agency Feedback

The estate agency should collect feedback from people who view your property.

Home viewers could provide valuable information about what they like and dislike, allowing you to make adjustments that will make your home more likely to sell.

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Wrong Time Of Year

The property market is surprisingly seasonal.

Traditionally, spring was always the best time to sell.

People tend to want to buy late in the summer too, just before children go back to school.

The reason your property isn’t selling might be because it’s the wrong time of year.

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Slow market

The property market goes through cycles.

Sometimes homes change hands quickly and the market booms, while at other times it can slow down, especially if buyers expect prices to go down in the future.

A slow market is out of your control. Often, all you can do is wait.

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Structural Or Obvious Property Issues

Structural issues are a big no-no for many buyers.

Often structural problems mean that they will have to go to substantial expense to put the property right.

If you have structural or obvious property issues, you usually only have a couple of choices: lower the asking price to compensate buyers or put the problem right yourself.

Which of these options you choose depends mainly on the location of your property and your financial situation.

If you have the money to spend right now and you’re likely to see a return for correcting any issues, then it’s worth spending the money up front.

If, however, you’re waiting for cash from the sale of your home, then selling at a lower price could be the better option.

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If your property isn’t shifting and you’re desperate to move out, sell and relocate, then what can you do?

Take a look at these options.

Rent Out

If your property refuses to sell, then one option is to rent out.

Renting out a property on a month-by-month basis can help to cover the costs of your relocation and provide a regular income stream.

If you decide to become a landlord, it’s worth joining a landlord association and reading as much as you can about legal requirements and tenant rights.

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Sell At Auction

Somebody somewhere will be willing to buy your house – just for the right price.

Selling at auction is a great way to find that person and take payment quickly.

One of the advantages of selling at auction is that you often sell to a cash buyer: somebody who can pay the full cost of the house up front.

Cash buyers don’t depend on a chain, like regular buyers and sellers in the property market, and so selling to them is less risky.

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Part Exchange

New build developers will often accept part-exchange on your old house, subtracting the expected selling price of your old property from the cost of your new one.

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Sell To A House Buyer Like BPC

Finally, you can sell to a house-buying company, like BPC.

House-buying companies specialise in pricing up and buying properties that homeowners have struggled to sell on the regular, open property market.

House-buying companies can often offer a great price on your home and mean that it’s guaranteed to sell.

You get the money quickly, allowing you to relocate, change jobs, go to a new destination, or move to a better home, without having to wait as long.

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